I'm so use to washing my dog in the back yard. My husband talked me into using the Doggie Wash at York Street. This was such an easy way to get the dog all clean without any hassle.
— Kendall R., Hanover, PA
Just washed my car at the York Street Car wash! Wow!! It did a great job!! I will definitely be back again!!!
— Lisa S. Hanover., PA
I have never felt more accomplished in all my days of doing laundry.
First and foremost, this is a coin-free laundry. You get a super easy little card that you throw a few bucks onto. Load, swipe, done, you can swipe your easy card to get soap, bags, dryer sheets, anything you need. Super easy.
There is no arcade or vending, which i suppose most would not like, but I have no kids and love the idea of a laundry catering to those not wanting to hear the whining of kids dragged to do laundry.
The key to all this, is it is a partnership with not only a car wash with a full detail station, but a do it yourself dog wash too. You can clean you clothes, your car, and your dog in one stop. Who could seriously ask for more?
— Rebecca G., York PA